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Enhancement Sites

Sky Islands High School 2016
Palo Verde 2014

C2E helps improve urban washes and riparian areas throughout our community by providing funding for community groups to do enhancement work (see projects below). Check out our bike tour map to visit some of the mid-town sites. 

Interested in applying for a C2E grant? Visit the Tucson C2E Grants page for more info!

  • 2014 C2E Projects: $13,640 awarded to three projects
    • Jefferson Park Neighborhood: Capturing stormwater and reducing flooding along an urban waterway
    • Silverlake Park: Restoring native vegetation and improving wildlife habitat through improved wash management and new management strategies
    • Palo Verde Neighborhood: Reducing erosion and flood flows while creating an asset to the neighborhood in the form of an inviting gathering space
  • 2015 C2E Projects: $12,000 awarded to two projects
    • Feldman's Neighborhood: waterharvesting basins, curb-cuts, and swales along 1st Avenue
    • Sky Island High School: waterharvesting basins near the school's entry and parking lot
  • 2016 C2E Project: around $7000 awarded to one project
    • Swan Wash: series of basins along Swan Wash that harvest stormwater to reduce flooding, improve habitat, and increase shade. Project led by Changemaker High School
  • 2017 C2E Project:
    • El Rio Wash Restoration: a series of water harvesting channels that will irrigate 22 new native trees planed along El Rio Wash. Project led by Trees Please.