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Northwest/El Cortez Neighborhoods

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1st Ave./Seneca Greening and Beautification Project



Northwest/El Cortez Neighborhoods

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NW-El Cortez Neighborhood: BEFORE
NW-El Cortez Neighborhood: BEFORE

The 1st Ave./Seneca Greening and Beautification Project received a C2E grant to install native landscaping and create curb cuts along a highly traveled pedestrian path in these Central Tucson neighborhoods.  By improving the street-side landscaping, this neighborhood now enjoys increased pedestrian safety and a calming affect on the passing motor vehicles.  Walkability has also been improved by planting native trees to add to the available canopy cover and shade already provided by large native velvet mesquite in the area. 

Reduced stormwater runoff was an important goal of this project that was achieved by strategically installing several basins throughout the neighborhoods where flooding into the streets was common.  The basins, as a stormwater harvesting feature, were combined with native vegetation planting and have reduced the need for irrigation by potable water sources. 

Bringing together residents from the two different neighborhoods, volunteers were able to finish seven basins within the C2E grant budget instead of only the four basins originally planned for. Besides being a benefit to the environment, it was a community building experience for neighbors to be outdoors and working together on a combined project.  The effort was also aided by a partnership with the University of Arizona's Rainwater Harvesting Class.  Students volunteered their time as part of the class curriculum in order to gain valuable, hands-on experience - having some fun at the same time.