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Start a C2E Program in Your Community

Starting a Conserve2EnhanceTM program in your community is easy. The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center provides free technical and program planning assistance to all communities that use Colorado River water. Using the tools available on this website for water customers, water utilities, and conservation organizations, all that is required to launch a program is training on how the web tools work and outreach to your customers to engage them in the program.

New C2E Toolkit now available!

The process of starting your own C2E program is now simpler than ever with the new C2E Program Development Toolkit.  This electronic resource contains an assortment of materials community leaders can use to streamline the process of implementing, managing, and marketing a new C2E program.  The Toolkit has already received rave reviews from C2E program managers with one expressing that “We can not say 'thank you' enough for your tremendous support. We have taken off in a very organized fashion thanks to your enabling materials.”

Contact us to receive this FREE resource and learn more about how to get a program started in your community!

Info for Utilities

C2E offers many benefits for water utilities. The program encourages participation in your water conservation and efficiency programs, helping you achieve your conservation goals. C2E also educates consumers about how the water system works and where water comes from. People are more likely to participate in water conservation when they understand the impacts of their water use on the environment. C2E also supports environmental restoration projects consistent with community goals and provides an opportunity to develop new partnerships with organizations that have environmental goals. Project types can include green infrastructure to mitigate storm water issues and source protection projects.

The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center offers no cost technical assistance to help water utility staff plan and launch new Conserve2Enhance programs. Currently, this assistance is limited to utilities within the Colorado River Basin or providers that rely on Colorado River water for any part of their water supply. In addition, all the tools and resources on this website are available for free.

For more information about C2E, a demonstration of the tools on this website, and answers to your questions, please complete the Contact Form and WRRC staff will follow-up with additional information.

Info for Community Organizations

C2E offers many benefits for conservation organizations by supporting environmental restoration projects consistent with community goals.  Often, conservation organizations are the primary proponents of these types of projects and are best positioned to develop innovative programs. C2E can add a new, reliable funding stream to achieve your organization’s or your community’s goals. C2E also offers the opportunity to build new partnerships with local water utilities to increase the impact of projects. The education aspects of C2E also increase awareness of water resources issues in your community, potentially increasing community engagement with your mission.

In some communities, a local conservation organization partners with their utility or takes a lead role in establishing a Conserve2Enhance program. This was how the first Conserve2Enhance program, in Tucson, AZ, was established - a partnership between Tucson Water, the Sonoran Institute, Watershed Management Group, and the Water Resources Research Center. The Water Resources Research Center is available to assist conservation organizations with program planning and no cost technical assistance. The tools on this website are also available at no cost.

If you have questions or want to explore how to integrate C2E into your organization, please complete the Contact Form and WRRC staff will contact you.