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24,065,538 gal.

total water savings for program to date

31,462 gal.

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Tucson C2E provides funding to improve our urban waterways and wildlife habitats. Conserve water at your home or business, donate your water savings to Tucson C2E, and connect your water conservation to environmental enhancements through community action. Contact us to learn more.

Great news! Some aspects of our grants have now been institutionalized as a larger, regularly funded city program!  For neighborhood stormwater and rainwater harvesting grant applications, please contact Tucson Clean and Beautiful who is implementing the Green Stormwater Infrastructure mini grant program for the City of Tucson. This is ideal as it shows that Tucson is doing even more to use a green approach to manage our watershed. As a result, C2E is now focusing on the water conservation and creek elements of our efforts.

Calling Volunteers!  Please contact us if interested in being part of the C2E Advisory Team and help make the vision a reality! Advisors help to review grant applications for river habitat restoration and to conduct water conservation outreach.  Contact us here.

Keep in touch: We switched over from regular email newsletters to a Facebook group to connect C2E participants in a forum where everyone can share their own experiences.


Help green our streets and enhance our washes and waterways! Become a sustaining member of Tucson C2E. You can make a contribution using the donate button on this page or by using the "Open Space/Riparian" box on your Tucson Water or Pima County Wastewater utility bill. If 5% of customers in the Tucson Water service area join Tucson C2E, they would conserve an estimated 250,000,000 gallons of water annually and provide more than $500,000 for restoration projects each year!

Tucson C2E, the first C2E program in the nation, was founded in 2011 through a collaboration between the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center, Tucson Water (our largest local water utility), and the nonprofits Sonoran Institute and Watershed Management Group. The program is now overseen by the Tucson C2E Advisory Council and fiscally managed by the Center for Pima Basin Sustainability.

Here are just a few ways to get involved with Tucson C2E today:

  • Create an account online and see your water savings trends tracked through a personalized dashboard
  • Donate directly to Tucson C2E, with convenient automated payments, through PayPal here
  • Write in a donation in the optional “Riparian Enhancement and Open Space” box on your Tucson/Pima County utility services bills
  • Become a Business Partner and Receive Incentives
  • Join Site Tours, Volunteer Days, and Celebrations
  • Apply for a wash restoration or green infrastructure grant in your neighborhood
  • Visit and learn from project sites.