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Arizona Audubon C2E


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17,464 gal.

total water savings for program to date

2,183 gal.

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     In April 2014 Audubon Arizona launched the first statewide effort to create a C2E program that will provide a strong tool for funding riparian enhancements to improve bird and wildlife habitats and support biodiversity throughout Arizona.  At the same time the program will promote water conservation statewide.  
 In July and August the development team communicated their plans to set up C2E statewide to several Arizona Audubon chapters and to the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA).   AMWUA member conservation staffs, representing ten of the large municipalities in Maricopa County, were very cordial and are willing help new C2E members learn to save water at home.        
In November the Audubon C2E team conducted a workshop to get feedback on the program from prospective partners.  Representatives from several Audubon chapters and from the Water Resouce Research Center at the University of Arizona attended.   The attendes agreed on a framework to share C2E contributions among the different partners and established a Steering Committee to direct their C2E program.    In February, 2015 the Steering Committee, including chapter reps, WRRC, and Audubon AZ, met, completed a group charter document, and made plans to launch Audubon C2E in April and May 2015.   Trainging and coordination for the startup will start in March.   The team has completed the setup of the current web site to accept participants and donors to the Arizona Audubon C2E program.  They have also completed several documents to help new users learn about the program and and participate effectively -- reference the documents below for more information on Arizona Audubon C2E.
     C2E Training Materials
     Instructions for Use of C2E Web Site 
How to Save Water at Home 
     Overview of the Arizona Audubon C2E Program 
So please join us as a pioneer to the C2E concept of saving water at home and promoting riparian conservation.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Fred Haggerson at or by phone at 480-861-3522.