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Yavapai C2E

Lush riparian habitat on the Verde River


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What happens to the water that I conserve? Where does the saved water go? To insure that the environment will benefit from your water conservation efforts, join Yavapai Conserve2Enhance (YC2E).

Yavapai C2E is a joint project between three widely respected community organizations: Prescott Creeks , Prescott Audubon, and the Citizens Water Advocacy Group in collaboration with the Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona.

Yavapai Conserve2Enhance  directly links water conservation with local restoration projects to enhance urban waterways, maintain riparian conditions, and protect water resources throughout the upper Verde, Granite Creek, and Agua Fria watersheds. We engage local homes and businesses in conserving water and then voluntarily donate their savings to YC2E projects. If you are already water efficient, Yavapai C2E is a monthly opportunity to support our projects with a voluntary donation.

Our projects will restore and protect our springs, streams, and lakes for recreation and wildlife, or will demonstrate desirable behaviors to the community by constructing publicly visible examples: low water use landscapes, rainwater harvesting systems, or storm water management projects. Here are some specific examples: CWAG Project, Prescott Creeks Project.

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Please consider joining Yavapai C2E. To make it easier to get set up, we recommend that you download the detailed instructions using these buttons:

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