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Grants for New Sites

Atturbury 2012


The Tucson C2E Program awards grants annually to local organizations working to improve our urban waterways and riparian habitats throughout Tucson.  These projects include riparian or wash habitat enhancement and watershed restoration projects that directly benefit our community’s natural and riparian areas. New green infrastructure in right-of-ways along streets, parking lots, parks, or public spaces like churches and schools that connect to an urban wash or waterway are also eligible.

Projects eligible for C2E grants:

  • Are located within the Tucson Water and/ or Pima County Wastewater Reclamation Department Service Areas
  • Are within close proximity to water courses to improve vegetation and wildlife
  • Are located primarily on public property and provide an educational demonstration
  • Create improved access to green space and other community benefits such as flood alleviation, heat reduction, tree canopy cover improvements, and placemaking
  • Are volunteer-scale sites and demonstrate strong partnerships
  • Have high levels of C2E participation
  • Feature strong long-term stewardship commitments
  • Include a 50% match (volunteer hours count!)

Grant applications are broken into a two-step process to aid neighborhoods with the development of eligible project scopes. Urban Enhancement Projects are generally funded in the range of $2,500 to $7,500. All projects must have a one-year timeline for completion. For assistance with project costs, design resources, plant lists, and specific grant requirements please see this linked sheet and further highlights below.

C2E Project Assistance Resources (pdf)

Click here for 2018 grants: Site Maintenance

The funding cycle for new sites will be announced later in the year.






Applications have changed slightly for 2017, but these applications provide good examples of successfully funded projects.