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El Rio Wash Restoration

Led by Trees Please, the project aims to restore habitat in the El Rio wash by planting 22 native trees that are adapted to this region. This effort will reduce erosion along the wash and improve the local biodiversity. 


The project consists of a series of channels that will harvest stormwater flowing through the wash and direct it to basins around the trees. Initially trees will be planted using Groasis Growboxx plant cocoons that will help establish the trees by creating a consistent microclimate with no evaporation. Once established, the annual rainfall will be sufficient and no irrigation will be needed. “We’re excited to demonstrate the technology Groasis provides, as the grow box will be a useful tool in future projects around Pima County”, said Adrian Marks, Trees Please project manager.


“We were very happy to award Trees Please with a 2017 grant as this is project directly improves conditions along a wash and helps expand visibility of our program as this the first Tucson C2E project on the west side of Tucson” said Mark Burke, member of the Tucson C2E Advisory Council. Tucson C2E aims to fund projects that benefit important riparian areas and urban washes, while emphasizing partnerships, long-term stewardship, and community access to green space.