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Henry Elementary

Project Name: Henry Elementary WINS! - Wash Improvement & Neighborhood Sustainability
Location: East Tucson
$ Awarded: 8,250
Volunteer Hours: 446.5
# Trees Planted:  >12
# Basins Dug:  6
Water Harvesting Capacity (gallons):  3000 
Henry Elementary: BEFORE
Henry Elementary: BEFORE

The Henry Elementary Project used its C2E grant to accomplish a number of goals to restore and enhance the urban wash bordering school grounds, even venturing out into the surrounding neighborhood as well.  Issues such as invasive vegetation, uncontrolled storm water runoff, aged infrastructure, and the usual urban problems like littering and graffiti, were starting to take their toll on the quality of the environment near Henry Elementary School.  With the help of C2E funds, volunteers from the community, school, and local organizations worked together over the course of a year to benefit the urban wash that runs in front of the school - in effect, benefitting the entire neighborhood. Project successes have included:

  • Removing invasive species extensively from the school grounds and the adjacent wash
  • Planting native trees and grasses for soil stabilization, shade, and infiltration benefits
  • Building basins to retain stormwater and help with infiltration 
  • Installing a rainwater cistern with the capacity of 3000 gallons, reducing the need for potable water use to irrigate plants
  • Repainting rusted railings around the wash, revitalizing the area and increasing visibility of the wash
  • Replacing an empty lot with a xeriscaped parklet bordering the wash
  • Posting official wash signs in the area to bring public attention to this important natural feature

This work has improved habitat on the campus and adjacent waterways while educating students and neighbors about the importance of native trees, litter prevention, and impacts of an urban heat island.  The efforts of these community members has gained momentum and will continue after the ending date of the C2E grant with plans to connect and enhance the surrounding neighborhood with the work done at Henry Elementary School.  The hard work and coordination of individuals and organizations, such as neighbors, students, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pima County Juvenile Probationary participants, and many others, made this project a success.  From picking up trash to removing buffelgrass to painting the giant cistern, the local community came together to get the job done.