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Jefferson Park Neighborhood

Project Name:

Jefferson Park’s Vine Ave Green Corridor


Central Tucson

Grant Year:


$ Awarded:


Volunteer Hours:


# Trees Planted:

3 native trees and 8 native shrubs/grasses

# Basins Planned:


Water Harvesting Capacity (gal)

750 gal, capturing appr. 15,000 gal/year

The Jefferson Park Neighborhood used its Vine Ave Green Corridor C2E grant to create more basins along Vine Ave to capture stormwater run-off from the Banner/UMC and UA properties and from Jefferson Park streets. This is the fourth in a series of basins along this corridor from Waverly St to Grant along Vine Ave.

Our intention with this corridor is to capture as much water as possible in basins in order to create a tree-lined corridor that adds value to our neighborhood, encourages people to walk, provides habitat and sustenance for wildlife species, and improves the conditions of our washes by capturing water before it reaches them.

Our activities included:

  • Removing invasive Bermuda grass from the site;
  • Constructing 4 rock-lined basins that capture water from the roof of the adjacent house and from the street;
  • Drill 2 curb holes in the curb;
  • Plant native trees, shrubs and grasses;
  • Mulch
  • Post our C2E sign describing the neighborhood and the grant site to bring public attention to this important natural feature

This work was done with technical assistance from Watershed Management Group and with volunteer labor from our neighbors, from the International School of Tucson, from UA HydroCats, and from other neighborhoods. We’re grateful to all of them, and we hope to build more community by building more basins along Vine Ave and other areas of Jefferson Park.