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Palo Verde Neighborhood

Project Name: B-54 Well-site Beautification
Location: Central Tucson
Grant Year: 2014
$ Awarded: $5,940
Volunteer Hours: 765
# Trees Planted: 24
# Shrubs Planted: 40
# Basins Dug: 6
# Berms & Swales: 4
# Driwater Tubes: 192
Water Harvesting Capacity Keeping 1-acre of run-off/stormwater
out of Christmas Wash


Palo Verde Neighborhood used the C2E grant to achieve numeous goals to restore and enhance the one-acre water well.  City development and perimeter road improvement projects impacted the volume and drainage of storm water in the neighborhood. Flooding and drainage issues had a significant impact on many collector and residential streets and residences. Through participation in the C2E program, the barren, weed infested and asphalt covered ground was transformed to mitigate flood and drainage problems. Community awareness increased, volunteerism of neighbors supported the C2E project to develop the design that included swales, berms and basins to direct and capture rain water throughout the site and retain rain water runoff. The retention basins provide water to newly planted vegetation as there is no installed  irrigation. Project successes included:

  • Removal of weeds and asphalt from the one-acre site
  • Planting of native trees, grasses, shrubs, and wild-flower & restorative mix for soil stabilization, shade, and infiltration purposes
  • Through the use of passive water harvesting; berms, swales, and basins, the native plants transformed the city well site into a flourishing desert oasis pocket park
  • The project provides habitat for urban wildlife and created an attractive asset to the Palo Verde neighborhood that all can enjoy
  • Retaining the storm water run-off that flows onto the city lot from Willard St./Christmas Wash and the precipitation that falls directly on the lot, this project greatly reduced flooding and erosion issues downstream along the Christmas Wash
  • Two C2E signs - identifying birds within the area, the other pointing out medicinal plants educate those using the park. A neighborhood Kiosk has also been installed for informative purposes

For over eight years, neighborhood volunteers have overseen maintenance of City Back-2-Basics & County Reinvestment funded projects: round-abouts, and speed tables. The Neighborhood Leadership Project in conjunction with Watershed Management Group at Catalina High School, and  stormwater retention basins along Camilla and Howard Boulevards, are joint effort with PVNA, WMG, and ProNeighborhoods. A resident certified arborist provides volunteer tree maintenance. These volunteer services will be expanded to include the new neighborhood Pocket Park. The local community receives a weekly E-newsletter informing them of upcoming projects and workdays to green PVNA streets.