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Atturbury Wash

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Atturbury Wash Restoration








Lincoln Park (Southeast Tucson near Escalante & Pantano)

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> 376

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Atturbury Wash was awarded a C2E grant in 2012 to support the restoration work initiated by Tucson Audubon Society.  Located in Lincoln Park, this site is home to the first-ever Conserve to Enhance (C2E) riparian enhancement project.  Atturbury Wash is recognized as an Important Riparian Area and has seen a number of native plants disappear over time due to drought and erosion of the wash bed.  With the help of a C2E grant and the hard work of many volunteers, Tucson Audubon Society has restored this site to a beautiful and healthy environment.

Volunteers from Tucson Audubon, Watershed Management Group, and the community planted 50 native trees and shrubs throughout this one acre site, created a raised trail system, and dug rainwater harvesting basins to provide water to the new plants.  A drip irrigation system was also installed to support the new vegetation; irrigation water is provided by the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, which manages Lincoln Regional Park.  By completing this work, additional habitat is now available for the many animals that make their home at Atturbury Wash, including over 100 native bird species that can be seen there.  Bird species often seen at this site include Wilson's Warbler, the Great Horned Owl, Lucy's Warbler, Anna's Hummingbird, Cooper's Hawk, Verdin, Abert's Towhee, and more! 

In May of 2014, the accomplishments of the Atturbury Wash restoration was celebrated on-site at the C2E sign dedication.  Mayor Jonathon Rothschild attended the event in support of the work that was completed there and the common goals of C2E and the City of Tucson to nourish a sustainable, green environment for current and future generations to enjoy.