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Rebate Programs

Utility rebate programs help community members and businesses save water or energy by incentivizing efficiency upgrades and retrofits for indoor and outdoor use.  Rebate programs vary by utility or water supplier depending on community priorities and administrative capacity, and are typically available to cover some of the costs associated with the purchase and/or installation of the upgrades and retrofits.  Rebate examples include:

  • Water efficient toiletspiggy bank
  • Water efficient aerators and showerheads
  • Turf removal
  • Xeriscape plants
  • Irrigation efficiency improvements
  • Rainwater harvesting and gray water systems 

Be sure to check with you natural gas utility about additional savings—they sometimes offer rebates for items like showerheads because saving hot water also saves energy.  Rebates range in value from a few dollars to thousands, depending on the size of the system improvement and available regional programs.

Where to Get More Info

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Contact your local water and power utility providers for information about regional utility rebate programs.  You can also visit the EPA’s Energy Star website ( to search by zip code for rebates going on in your community. 

Tax credits are available from the federal government for the purchase of select high efficiency appliances and home improvements. Visit Energy Star  to learn more.

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