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What We Support

A wide range of program goals are compatible with C2E’s core mission of linking water efficiency and environmental enhancement projects. Conserve2Enhance funds projects that directly improve a community’s natural habitats and water resources, with the only limitation being that projects need a water resource connection.  Project types include:

  • Wetland and riparian restoration
  • Instream flow improvements
  • Green infrastructure projects
  • Rainwater harvesting practices
  • Source water protection
  • Urban waterway improvements                 

Conserve2Enhance is an extremely flexible approach that can be adopted at the community and regional scale.  C2E provides the mechanism to raise funds and the Dashboard to educate participants, track water savings, and secure donations, but projects are driven by local priorities.  

          Gila River        people building a rock basin        site near Springerville

The key considerations when selecting environmental enhancement goals for C2E are the values and interests of your community.  Conserve2Enhance relies on community support to develop and implement the program, gain participation from water users and support program goals with donations.  It is important to identify the type of projects Conserve2Enhance will fund prior to launch of a program in order to assist with promotion of the program and ensure the project type is consistent with community goals.  In some communities, environmental projects may already be planned so that C2E funds can provide matching or supplemental funding.  Another model of selecting environmental projects is to develop a request for proposals or grant program.  This allows community entities and members to apply for funding for a specific project they have identified.  With the oversight of a community advisory board to select recipient project sites and provide guidance on program development, this model can be an excellent fit for communities without identified environmental priorities.  This approach also encourages full-circle fundraising by individuals who are donating to C2E through their water savings and then applying for grants to do work that will provide a direct benefit to their community and local environment.  All C2E projects should improve water resource-dependent habitats and provide opportunities for people to invest in the local environment through their conservation actions.