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Tucson C2E

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7,146,711 gal.

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12,414 gal.

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Tucson C2E has been in place since 2011 when a collaboration between WRRC, the local water utility of Tucson Water, and nonprofits Sonoran Institute and Watershed Management Group created the first-ever C2E pilot program. Tucson participants have conserved over 5.6 million gallons of water through conservation strategies ranging from behavioral changes to rainwater harvesting installations. Tucson C2E has received nearly $40,000 in donations since the program began. Donations have come directly from participant water savings and the “Riparian Enhancement and Open Space” check box on Tucson Water monthly bills.  The check box program allows all Tucson Water customers to contribute to C2E on their monthly water bill, regardless of if they are registered Tucson C2E participants.  Funds are distributed to recipient sites through an annual application process overseen by the Tucson C2E Advisory Board.  Contact us to learn more or join C2E today!

In the news

Tucson C2E was featured in Tucson Water's September 2015 utility bill insert!  View the insert here.

University of Arizona’s UA News ran a feature article on our Tucson C2E program! Check out the story here: UA Program Promotes Smart Water Use in Arizona and Beyond.

Tucson C2E Grants

C2E helps improve urban washes and riparian areas throughout our community by providing funding for local organizations to do enhancement work (see projects below). Interested in applying for a C2E grant?  Visit the Tucson C2E Grants page for more info!

  • 2013 C2E Community Enhancement Projects: $30,000 awarded between three projects:
  • 2014 C2E Community Enhancement Projects have been announced! $13,640 awarded between three projects:
    • Jefferson Park Neighborhood: Capturing stormwater and reducing flooding along an urban waterway
    • Silverlake Park: Restoring native vegetation and improving wildlife habitat through improved wash management and new management strategies
    • Palo Verde Neighborhood: Reducing erosion and flood flows while creating an asset to the neighborhood in the form of an inviting gathering space

Tucson Water is continuing to work with Tucson C2E to increase participation in the utility’s checkbox program. If 5% of customers in the Tucson Water service area join C2E, an estimated 250,000,000 gallons of water would be conserved annually and more than $500,000 would be available for restoration efforts each year!  Learn more about Tucson Water's commitment to conservation and their achievements in making our community more water conscience in this June 2014 news video.

New participants are always welcome to join the Tucson C2E program.  We are currently expanding our participant list to not only include additional residential participants, but regional businesses as well. To explore how a business can function as a C2E participant, Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.—the parent company of Panda Express—agreed to pilot this relationship in 2013 and is working with Tucson C2E to better define how business participant roles or needs differ from residential water users. 

Tucson C2E would not be possible without our dedicated Advisory Council.  Tucson C2E Council members represent diverse organizations and interests throughout our community. The Tucson C2E Advisory Council provides oversight of C2E contributions, guidance on program development, and serves as a liaison between C2E and the greater community.  The Council is also responsible for allocating C2E funds through an annual grant process.  Tucson C2E Advisory Council members include representatives from the following organizations, agencies, and businesses: